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Using the Single Indicator


Welcome to - home of the National Single Indicator, our innovative tool for making informed but straightforward comparisons between the schools that you are interested in.

The Single Indicator is based on the same data used by the Department for Education to produce its Annual Performance Tables and as such is a snapshot for a single year group.  We also feature details from the most recent Ofsted inspection report. This is another snapshot, taken at a different time, which takes account of different aspects of school life including lesson observations, the management of the school and the well-being of pupils, as well as pupil statutory assessment outcomes.  These test, Teacher Assessment and examination outcomes would have been one or more years ago and are therefore likely to paint a different overview of the school.

Each snapshot of a school is valid at the time it was taken but it will be based on pupils who will no longer be at the school and any issues raised by Ofsted may be in the process of being – or indeed may already have been – addressed, so that the school could present a very different picture today.

So, while the National Single Indicator is a convenient and powerful tool for reviewing and comparing the most recent pupil outcomes in a school – it is just that – a single indicator.  Visiting the school, talking to the headteacher and visiting classrooms will give a much fuller picture of the school from your perspective.

Armed with the information provided in this website you will be in a better position to ask informed questions that are pertinent to what you want from the school for your child.

Now, visit your schools!